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Demonstration buildings

More than 600 samples of exemplary construction

The prefabricated building industry offers an infinite variety of dream houses. More than 600 sample homes built in Germany and all over Europe invite you to study all aspects of prefabricated construction.

All of these completely finished houses are only examples - prefab construction knows no boundaries, neither architecturally nor in materials, floor plan, or size. Typified houses are a thing of the past. Which floor plan comes to be realised is up to the buyer.

1:1 scale for clarity's sake
Sample home centres leave no questions unanswered. Here, future customers can see the "premier league" of German prefab construction and may contact qualified manufacturers. Brochures can never replace a visit to a sample home, because only very few people can get a good impression from a drawing or even a picture. An actual house on a 1:1 scale says more than 1000 sketches, so a sample home helps a lot.

Trained consultants
Sample home centres offer you knowledge pools and competent consultants on all construction issues. The consultants can give you advice on low-energy construction as well as technical and architectural questions. They offer solutions for low-cost construction and information on government grants and subsidies. During a personal discussion, they will address all your personal questions, wishes and opportunities.

Performance and quality
It is important to look beyond price comparison and check what exactly you get for your money. Don't accept less than what QDF statutes demand. Not every low-price offer can be taken seriously when it comes to quality, and quality flaws can come very expensive. With QDF's experience from over 350,000 houses you will be on the safe side. Take your time to look at the houses and discover all the useful details. But keep in mind that these houses are only suggestions: Your home will be planned for you according to your wishes.