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Reliable performance in pre-fabrication

Your new home. Guaranteed.
People who build pre-fabricated homes are always on the safe side. As a home builder, you can rely on QDF members. A single-source supplier, your contract partner is always there when you need him, and will take care of everything.

When would you like to move in?
If required, you can tell us your removal date when you sign the contract, and the date will become part and parcel of the deal. A fixed price guarantee gives you more security; your budget rests on solid foundations. Unpleasant surcharges are ruled out.

Delivery first, payment after delivery.
Trust is good, checking up is better - that's what a German proverb says. You pay in instalments in line with building progress. This helps you ensure that your home is handed over in perfect condition.

"Protect your building project against unpleasant surprises! We offer performance guarantees; fixed dates and fixed prices."