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The QDF quality label

The Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutscher Fertigbau (QDF) has been established in 1989 as a quality control institution for the german manufacturers of prefabricated buildings. All member companies have committed themselves to top level product quality. The statutes of QDF set quality standards that exceed legislative requirements. This is what allows the member companies to dissociate themselves from unprofessional competitors.

The QDF quality label gives visible proof that a building meets ambitioned quality criteria. Every year, the member companies have to earn this label anew as it will be awarded for a one year period only. Independent quality inspectors examine the members factories, their internal quality control procedures, and their on-site assembly procedures.

This quality label granted by QDF is regarded as an important decision criteria by customers, banks and insurance companies. If you wish to build a prefabricated home, make sure it bears the QDF label.
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