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Innovations in pre-fabricated building

Shape your future
Your expectations vis a vis the perfect house will change in each phase of your life. You need a flexible home design to convert a child´s room into a guest bedroom, and a party cellar into a gym. Thanks to planning with foresight a pre-fabricated home by a QDF member will be adapted to match your needs.

Living without barrier
Barrier free living links generations and gives everyone more breathing space. QDF members are pleased to offer senior citizens and young families, or home owners with physical challenges, a convenient solution for enhanced quality of living. Living on a single level, doors without thresholds, custom-built bathrooms and hallways give you more room for wheelchairs or prams.

Your pre-fabricated house is ready
Future-proof technology integrated on demand. Intelligent bus technology systems control your heating, ventilation, lighting, alarm system and electronic devices from a central point. If required, your QDF member will prepare your home for something you wish to add later, a solar panel system for example.

"Your modern pre-fabricated home is flexible in every phase of your life. Versatile living is possible - even on a small footprint!"