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Healthy living in a pre-fabricated house

Interior atmosphere with feel-good factor
Wood means natural and healthy living. Enjoy the pleasantly warm impression of sturdy beams and classical floor boarding. Cosy living that is hard to pin down to facts and figures, but that makes you feel at home.

Wood regulates the interior atmosphere
In a natural way: the building material moderates humidity changes and acts as a buffer between moist and extremely dry air. Controlled fresh air supply and ventilation are standard features in pre-fabricated building. They filter dust and pollen out of the interior atmosphere - perfect for allergy sufferers.

Dry materials from controlled production
There is no such thing as a damp wall in house by a QDF member. The building elements comprise dry materials and are produced to avoid moisture escaping into your living accommodation at any time. Technical drying has another benefit: houses built to QDF standards use building elements that are guaranteed free of chemical wood preservatives.

"Wood creates a cosy living atmosphere - this is guaranteed by high- quality materials. We use only premium quality materials for your house!"