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Pre-fabricated building and ecology

Natural building. With wood.
Building a timber house is an important contribution to environment protection. This natural building material from the forest has an excellent energy balance. To build a pre-fabricated home, an average of 25 cubic metres of wood is used - most of this is domestic spruce. From our natural surroundings - for the environment.

State-of-art construction saves energy
Timber houses are well-known for their excellent insulating properties. This building approach means considerable savings on heating. The future-orientated passive house completely does without an active heating system. And by the way: You may be eligible for a grant if you build an energy saving home.

Exemplary environmental protection at the works and on site
Wood is biologically degradable. The manufacturer will separate the waste created by building your pre-fabricated home, and reuse wherever possible. QDF members do not use chemical wood preservatives. They prefer to protect this high-quality material by means of a drying building process and intelligent construction.

"A wooden house not only means relief for the environment, it is also kind to your wallet when you consider the running costs!"