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Quality assurance in pre-fabricated building

Pulling out all the stops
The Quality Association of German Pre-fabrication sets the highest standards for your new home. Improved living quality is the result of independent auditing: far better than average insulation guarantees low heating costs. Optimised fire protection keeps insurance payments down. And noise protection by far exceeds statutory requirements.

The material
QDF members produce wooden materials for walls, ceilings and roofs from untreated natural wood. There is no need for chemicals, as constructive wood protection is the more intelligent solution. An extensive drying technique ensures durability and protects your investment. Aesthetics that will survive down the centuries.

Production at the factory
Wooden panels for the walls and ceilings are produced at the factory shop. All QDF members are obliged to perform statutory auditing of their production facilities.

Assembly on site
The parts are stored in a dry place; protected against rain en route to the site, and assembled as fast as possible on site. A formal acceptance of the building helps you rest assured that everything is okay.

"Your new house is strictly monitored from the outset - this applies to the materials, production at the works, and assembly on site."