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The Association of German Premanufactured Building Manufacturers

The Bundesverband Deutscher Fertigbau e.V. (BDF) has been established in 1961 as an association of manufacturers of premanufactured timber buildings. The association currently has more than 40 members and thus represents 90 percent of the prefabrication industry in Germany. It is a non-profit organisation with the main objective of providing information for its member companies, homebuilders, and for the media.

BDF aims to improve product quality. Support and sponsorship for scientific studies on various construction materials and principles as well as on construction physics are important activities in this context. Innovative production methods and continuously changing rules and regulations require qualified information which is provided by BDF experts.

BDF is the first contact for anyone interested in a modern approach to timber building. Our focus is on strict quality policies for premium class, prefabricated buildings, which all of the association´s members must agree to. The BDF mark represents premium quality in house building. A building manufacturer who is a member of BDF is a safe option for home builders who can agree terms, from the price to the movein date with the manufacturer.

Some 10,000 premanufactured houses are built in Germany every year. Thus, one in eight detached or semi-detached houses erected in Germany is prefabricated.