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Architecture in pre-fabricated buildings

Your pre-fabricated house - planned by an architect
Plan your individual dream home. In cooperation with experienced architects, QDF members will advise you on the position and cut of the building site, design the floor plan, façade and roof style. You decide on individual room design and can add luxury features - such as bay windows or a conservatory. Unlimited versatility thanks to variable building techniques. Interior customisation options are virtually unlimited. The result is a tailor-made house, built to match your personal style. Pre-fabricated houses can easily accommodate the most extravagant design requirements.

Tried and trusted serial models for a low budget
Of course, the manufacturers offer a large selection of serial-built house models. Their architecture is tried and trusted, and thanks to favourable conditions, they are affordable on a low budget. No matter which variant you decide on: wood as a classy building material guarantees the architectural versatility and comfortable living you have always wanted.

"Choose your individual style of living!"