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Made in Germany - your prefabricated home

The key advantages of a prefabricated home "Made in Germany"

Most advantages of prefabricated houses are well known facts: "Prefab" means that all the structural elements are produced in clean and dry production plants. Then the elements are taken to the construction site by truck and assembled right away. Nevertheless, customers can choose architecture, materials, floor plan, and house size during the planning stage. Modern prefab houses are designed by specialists to make homebuilders' dreams come true.

Short construction period
The actual construction period is extremely short. Within 48 hours, a new home is watertight and airtight.

Small carbon footprint
Intelligent construction means consistent use of timber as the only renewable construction material. Since every growing tree absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and stores it for a lifetime, timber products can significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions impact from building a house. Life Cycle Analysis studies show that timber products have a far less harmful carbon footprint than many other construction materials in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy efficiency
The less fuel being used for heating, the better. In a prefabricated timberframe building, multilayered wall panels provide first-class heat insulation. Intelligent planning and construction design support an easy integration of renewable energy systems. A certified home keeps the additional costs low. They help to save money and protect the environment.

Full service from a single provider
Construction regulations become more convoluted by the minute. Most customers have neither the time nor the specialist knowledge required by a complex building project. The leading German prefab house manufacturers offer all-round service that goes far beyond planning and building. Optional service includes demand analysis, real estate service, finance and insurance consultation, applications and correspondence with building authorities. The manufacturers' expert personnel will help their customers with well-founded knowledge and skills, before, during and after the actual purchase.

Fixed price and completion date guaranteed
Under the conditions of an industrial production process, calculation can be done precisely and well in advance. For the same reason, no weather conditions can delay the completion of a prefabricated house. As a result, moving in your new home at a fixed date is guaranteed. And the price is no surprise.

Healthy room climate
Prefabricated homes basically consist of wood. This natural material regulates atmospheric moisture and contributes to a healthy climate inside the building. Automatic ventilation systems are optional. Regarding indoor air quality, the QDF standards are a lot stricter than all the national laws, official rules and regulations. Manufacturers that submit to these standards achieve a reliable quality seal: the QDF certification mark.

An extra room for free
Timber frame walls have the entire insulation within the constructional unit and are therefore very slim. Compared to a monolithic construction, a prefabricated timber frame house with a base surface of 150 square meters provides extra 10 square meters of living space. Buy five rooms, but pay only four.