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Your house building dream

The Association of German Premanufactured Building Manufacturers

The Bundesverband Deutscher Fertigbau e.V. (BDF) has been established in 1961 as an association of manufacturers of premanufactured timber buildings. The association currently has more than 40 members and thus represents 90 percent of the prefabrication industry in Germany.

Quality control in German pre-fabrication

The Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutscher Fertigbau (QDF) (Quality Association of German Pre-fabrication) is an association of leading German manufacturers of prefabricated timber houses. Their standards set the bar far higher than the law requires.

The QDF quality label

The Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutscher Fertigbau (QDF) has been established in 1989 as a quality control institution for the german manufacturers of prefabricated buildings. All member companies have committed themselves to top level product quality.

Architecture in pre-fabricated buildings

Plan your individual dream home. In cooperation with experienced architects, QDF members will advise you on the position and cut of the building site, design the floor plan, façade and roof style. You decide on individual room design and can add luxury features - such as bay windows or a conservatory.

Healthy living in a pre-fabricated house

Wood means natural and healthy living. Enjoy the pleasantly warm impression of sturdy beams and classical floor boarding. Cosy living that is hard to pin down to facts and figures, but that makes you feel at home.

Reliable performance in pre-fabrication

People who build pre-fabricated homes are always on the safe side. As a home builder, you can rely on QDF members. A single-source supplier, your contract partner is always there when you need him, and will take care of everything.

Pre-fabricated building and ecology

Building a timber house is an important contribution to environment protection. This natural building material from the forest has an excellent energy balance. To build a pre-fabricated home, an average of 25 cubic metres of wood is used - most of this is domestic spruce.

Saving money with pre-fabricated building

If you plan your dream home in an intelligent way right from the outset, you can be sure of an economical building project. A pre-fabricated home saves you money in your choice of site.

Innovations in pre-fabricated building

Your expectations vis a vis the perfect house will change in each phase of your life. You need a flexible home design to convert a child's room into a guest bedroom, and a party cellar into a gym.

Quality assurance in pre-fabricated building

The Quality Association of German Pre-fabrication sets the highest standards for your new home. Improved living quality is the result of independent auditing: far better than average insulation guarantees low heating costs.

Energy saving houses

The world´s energy requirements keep on increasing. Fuel consumption has increased by almost 60 percent in the past 25 years, in line with globalisation. And the craving for more energy is not growing constantly, but still accelerating.

Systematic insulation

Energy saving building means having a coordinated concept for insulating all parts of the building: exterior walls, windows, roofs, and the cellar ceiling. A pre-fabricated house takes a systematic approach into account for all of these components in the planning phase.

Demonstration buildings

The prefabricated building industry offers an infinite variety of dream houses. More than 600 sample homes built in Germany and all over Europe invite you to study all aspects of prefabricated construction.

Made in Germany - your prefabricated home

Most advantages of prefabricated houses are well known facts: "Prefab" means that all the structural elements are produced in clean and dry production plants.